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My passion for classic motorcycles was born about 20 years ago when, for the first time, i bought a beautyful BMW R25 seen in the collection of a classic car and motorcycle trader.

From that point on i began to get interested in this fascinating world and, sold the BMW, i began to collect only Moto Guzzi, a company very dear to me from my youth, with the aim of being able to collect one after the other all the models produced by the Mandello del Lario's brand until the 80s.

The attention of detail and the passion led me to buy motorcycles also very experienced motorcycles and accepting the challenge to restore them to perfection in every detail and only with original spare parts and pieces, avoiding at first competition motorcycles, the most discussed and falsified ever in this world.



A few years ago, after having reached nearly 300 different models of Guzzi, i fell in love to the world of four wheels, first buying a Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione and subsequently several other Lancia and Alfa Romeo models i like most.

Being still a neophyte in this new world, now I like to take part in some meeting and event without those ambitious goals that have marked me when I approached the world of motorcycles. 

Now, with the only goal of collecting rare and precious models, i  sell  a part of my collection.